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Welcome to our license invitation page.

Firstly, Allow me to preface you on our company. We have been around since 2013 providing a software that locations use to organize and scale their business. To understand our product further click here.

What has inspired me to launch our license program is to become more united with a handful of vendors in the marketplace. The idea is to form a partnership that sets each of our companies apart from the competition.  

As a partner you would have access to discounted licenses to iWireless to be able to offer as a value add for your customers or offer at a Up Sell.


Per Location

Standard Pricing


Per Location

Sold in 20 License Bundles

Licensee Pricing

License 2.0 Partners

This platform will be release later this year. Those partners who maintain a minimum of (1) license bundle will get the following platform at no additional cost.


Inventory Synchronization 

This would allow your customers to easily receive orders they place through your online store provided by us. Currently the majority of repair shops have lax inventory control because of the volume of pieces they would have to barcode and manually enter into a system. By integrating your online store to their retail platform powered by iWireless we would eliminate that headache for stores which would give them actual inventory management.


Branded Store Platform

This platform would be for those who see themselves launching partner stores. If you ever had the desire to find motivated owners and set them up from A-Z providing them with quality parts and support you are going to want this platform to exist as soon as possible. iWireless would make the process of enrolling a new business, setting up their ordering, and having a store management system as easy as 1 .2 3. 

How to qualify ?

Enter your information below so we can update you on the progress of the license platform launch. 

Thank You

Adrian Villalobos

Reserve Spot

Thanks for submitting!

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